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This Week was Lit! Weekly Roundup: November 10-15

Coming ‘atcha with your Friday roundup of literary haps on the web!


Not to start this week’s wrap-up with a bummer, but I have to pay homage to my favorite lit magazine, Glimmer Train, as they say farewell with their final issue. Not gonna lie, I’m pretty heartbroken. The Millions did them right with their tributary send-off in, Beautiful Living Things: A Farewell to ‘Glimmer Train. 😥

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Ok, this is just cool. Beginning this week, Electric Lit is launching a newsletter about the possibilities of storytelling, called Electric Eel.

The first issue will be focussed on “counternarratives.”

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This week, The Millions posted an article with the somewhat cheeky title, Unreliable Unreliable Narrators.

As TGBP Book Club is reading Putney this month, the topic of unreliable narrators, from Ralph to Humbert Humbert is of particular interest to me. Though, I’ve always been fascinated by this narrative device in literature, and in experimenting with it in my own humble fiction.

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Well, doing a writing residency has kind of always been my dream, so I was pretty stoked on this week’s Electric Lit article on letting us financially bereft writers in on 7 Free or Cheap Writing Residencies to Apply For in 2019.

How cool to be able focus on your writing, not on how much you’re paying for the chance to focus on your writing.

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