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Zines on the Gram!


Who else here loves zines? 📓🎨✍🏻✂️👩🏻‍🎨🎵🌈⚡️

Anytime I go into an indie bookstore, I always visit the section with the super-small-press stuff… local lit mags, chapbooks, & zines.

I used to be super involved in the land of small press poetry, so this art form holds a very spesh place in my lil literary heart.

Zines can be about legit anything—art, literature, music, mental health, social justice, DIY, spirituality, lgbtqia, race & culture, literally anything that is important to or inspires you—and there is no one stopping you from doing and saying exactly what you want to.

In this way, zines are one of the truest forms of cultural production there is, and in our hyper-social-media-branded-digital world, this is even more of a breath of fresh air than it was when zines first really started to become a thing in the 90s.


There are a ton of resources online if you’re interested in zines, or making them & becoming a part of the zinester community, but below are a few of the zine-related ‘gram accounts I follow here:


Collective of artists making books, zines & other printed goodness:



Literature, music & events zine:



Cool mental health zine:



Super rad art journals & zines:



Zine culture, DIY & indie arts:



These folks round up all kinds of zines to feature:



LA Zine Fest’s account with lots of other zine events & resources:



My girl & future fancy librarian, Amy:



If you have any zines or super small press publications you love, or accounts you follow, let’s hear them!! I’m always super stoked on new recommendations.


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