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December Reading Wishlist

✨At long last✨… (because I couldn’t find my copy of The Secret History ANYWHERE for this photo, and I couldn’t betray Donna like that)… ❄️ My December reading wishlist! ❄️


I think I was pretty gentle with myself for this month, considering the monstrosities I have been coming up with lately…. this pile looks so reasonable! Haha.

I was very deliberate in the way I curated this list of winter reads, so I’m very stoked about it.

I think now that I’ve let go of the idea that a monthly TBR is some kind of immutable worthiness contract I’ve written for myself, I can honestly say that coming up with these lists of what I might like to read each month is actually one of my favorite reading rituals I’ve gained from joining bookstagram. We all know I am a proud mood reader 🔮🌝, so until June 2018,

I never once sat down and planned out what books I would read for the month ahead (I mean, a syllabus doesn’t count), and certainly not with any theme in mind haha.

But I really enjoy this process, and have come to see it as a sort of a self-prescribed bibliotherapy. 

I like the way it slows down my thought process, makes me mindful of where my head is at right now, what I need to focus on, and helps me tune into what kind of stories I need to hear right now, be they fiction, nonfiction, or verse.



The Matisse Stories by A.S. Bryatt

The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey

Winter by Ali Smith

Art as Therapy by Alain de Botton

Mr. Dickens and His Carol by Samantha Silva

Eye Level by Jenny Xie

The Secret History by Donna Tartt



There are also a few books that are taking the leap over from November with me, but they aren’t pictured here (aside from Art as Therapy), because I think I’ve shared about them enough until it’s time for a proper review!

Lastly, I just got One Day in December by Josie Siver on audiobook for a nice, light, Christmasy walking read. Genre is not my jam, but the holidays are, so this is one time of year where I am down for some meet-cutes and conveniently situated mistletoe. Narration is excellent, and so far, very cute. 🥰

Oh, and #bookpartychallenge, # 1 – December reads!! 📸📚☃️

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