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Write or Die Tribe Poetry Month Collab!

For all my writers out there! ✍🏻💻🤓

Allow me to introduce a site whose project and vision I deeply admire…

Write or Die Tribe is a website dedicated to building a welcoming and creative community for writers, dreamed into being and made with ❤️ by the lovely & talented human, Kailey. Visit her site by clicking the link above, or follow her on Instagram at @writeordietribe!

Her website encompasses everything that I wanted when embarking on my own journey here—creativity, community, and a bottomless well of love for the written word. I had hoped to create a space like this myself, and then I found hers, and I couldn’t have imagined it better.

So here’s the fun news!

It is POETRY month at Write or Die Tribe, and I am so very excited to announce my collaboration with them for the month of December.

Each week, I’ve created the writing prompts and writing exercises that are sent out to WODT subscribers every Monday! And, of course, I would love so much for you to join us.

My hopes are that you’ll find them fun and thought-provoking, and they will def keep you busy dreaming up ideas and scribbling away for the whole week if you wanted them to! Haha.

Both Kailey and I will be participating in each writing prompt and will be posting them to the subscriber’s forum to promote discussion and connect with the tribe!

✨ If you want to participate in poetry month on Instagram, tag your poetry photos with #WODTpoetrymonth, so we can see them and share with the tribe! 🏷

I truly believe in WODT’s mission, and want to see them grow. I encourage all my writer folks to sign up for their newsletter, packed full of so much awesome stuff: author interviews, a monthly book club with awesome picks, weekly reading suggestions and writing prompts, and best of all, a killer writer’s forum for sharing and constructive feedback on each other’s work.

Writer or not, there is so much here of value to anyone who loves literature!

Hope to see you there!


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