Hi there! I’m Amelie. Welcome to Fête Lit. ❤️


The FAM… Frida, Amelie & Mikey… 😉


A little about me…

I’m a plant lady, dog mama, mood reader, and writer of things.

I hold a BA in creative writing with a minor in comparative world lit, and started this site as way to fill up that collaborative, creative space left behind from my time spent at university. Writing and reading is the biggest (non-human or canine) joy in my life. With this site, I hope to build a community of literature lovers and creatives like myself (and you!), and share with you those things that make me excited to be a human.

I live in Long Beach, CA with my boyfriend and my pup Frida. Originally from Massachusetts, I grew up on Cape Cod, then Boston, before making my way out to the west coast. 😊 This time of year is when I miss New England the most! 🍁🎄☃️ ❄️

Aside from reading & writing, I’m a lover of all things vintage, travel a whole bunch, and am a big-time music, art and film lover. Some of those interests will surely make their way into this space alongside the bookish stuff.

ballpoint pen classic coffee composition

Anddd a little about Fête Lit…

Fête Lit is, of course, a blog, where I plan to share the standard fare of reviews, musings, and my weekly “newsletter” of sorts. My own little celebration of all things literary.

This is also work in progress, as my real vision is for this to become a community space, which I hope it will grow into in time, with guest posts, discussions between myself and other readers on books & other literary topics, and my vision for a humble little online lit mag curated to share a handful of short fiction, creative nonfiction and poetry each month.

The plan is for these mini-issues to be based on a quarterly theme to explore through creative output. I hope to roll this out soon, dependent upon submissions, or lack thereof. A little more about that under the respective tab. 🙂

And to learn more about my lil newsletter, “This Week was Lit,” there is also a page for that under that tab!

Hope you enjoy the party!!

plant lady